CASA has funded local indigenous communities' access to legal advice so that they can demand reparations for decades of adverse health effects in their communities, contamination of their food sources, and other serious problems.

Small grants can make big impacts

Building a culture of philanthropy in the global South is a herculean task, but small grants can still make big changes. Read the article written by Maria Amália Souza, CASA’s Director and Co-founder, as a contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on funding and human rights. It is published on openDemocracy website. A version of this […]

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Director and co-founder of CASA Socio-Environmental Fund nominated for international prize

Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize is given to individuals who work for the development of philanthropy for progressive social change in emerging market countries. CASA Socio-Environmental Fund is really proud to announce that its co-founder and Director, Maria Amália Souza, is one of the seven finalists for the fourth edition of Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize. Maria […]

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A transformational partnership: CASA and CAIXA Funds

During the last weeks, the CASA Socio-Environmental Fund website published ten very special stories, presenting people, communities, and initiatives of great importance and impact, crowning ten years of work of this institution. Concluding this special celebration, we are honored and elated to present here the great partnership between the CASA Fund and the CAIXA Socioenvironmental […]

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