Renewable Energy

CASA supports projects that stimulate the popular use of technologies and equipment that allow more people to access clean and renewable energy sources. Learn about related projects:


Front for a new energy policy in Brazil – energy for life

There are people willing to work hard to get Brazil to implement an energy policy that could meet the challenges of the 21st century. The Front for a New Energy Policy is based on the principles of energy efficiency, social justice, and respect for cultural diversity, democratic participation, and environmental sustainability. It wants to promote awareness raising about opportunities for decentralized energy generation.

In 2015, the CASA Fund supported the Energy for Life Project to disseminate experiences of electricity microgeneration already achieved through the Generating Income and Energy Project in the city of Juazeiro (Bahia state). This project is based on ongoing dialogue with the Federal district government to collaborate with the Brasília Solar program, which has the potential to become a model for other cities in the country.




Youth in action to value a sustainable territory

Historically, the Maceió Settlement has resisted large projects in the Ceará coastal area, such as real estate speculation, mass tourism, the Local Mariculture Development Plan (PLDM), and more recently, the aeolic parks. These projects imply unsustainable use of the region’s natural resources in favor of concentrated corporate profits that bring no benefits to local people.

The Maceió Settlement carried out political, environmental, and economic debates and dialogues to cope with its problems and its scenario of environmental vulnerabilities. One of the strategies adopted is community tourism. This type of tourism enables full control by the local population over the transformations of their territory, integrating society, culture, and nature, as opposed to mass tourism that violates the culture of traditional communities.

In 2015, the CASA Fund supported the Maceió Algae Producers Association (ACALMA) through the Strengthening Communities in Search of Sustainability project. The Association is acquiring a new photovoltaic solar panel to generate energy. Although the organization already had one panel, it was insufficient to meet the community’s demand. This new source of energy will help local people to serve better persons and groups interested in experiencing community tourism.

Young people’s participation in community tourism in the Our Land Camp (Acampamento Nossa Terra) is key to their increasing integration, both in work and leisure, in the solutions proposed by the community organization for this space threatened by large projects. This new reality gradually stimulates youth to remain on their lands. When they finish high school, most of them wish to move to the capital where they end up in low-paying, degrading jobs.