Impacts of Climate Change

The impacts caused by climate change are not science fiction.  CASA also offers support to projects dealing with these impacts, whether they are emergency relief, reducing the bureaucracy to reach quick and needed support, or preventive actions.  Learn more about these initiatives related to the impacts of climate change:


Addressing socioenvironmental disasters in the Rio de Janeiro mountain region

The National Movement of People Affected by Socioenvironmental Disasters (MONADES) results from the concerns of people victimized by those disasters. Through ongoing dialogue with public authorities, the movement seeks to help in systematic participation in discussions; and to help to elaborate and accompany efficient public policies to rebuild living conditions. As well, the movement tries to help more people from becoming victims of extreme climate events provoked by human actions in the country and planetwide.

The objective of this movement is to reinforce the work of popular education on social organization, developing a critical proposal for draft legislation on National and State Protection and Civil Defense. This piece of legislation would respect the rights of populations affected by socioenvironmental disasters, reduce the risks and effects of extreme events, and develop resilient cities. It would foster social movements playing a leading role, organized by MONADES at national level and by several local movements at state level.

In 2015, the CASA Fund supported a MONADES project to develop a support network for people affected by socioenvironmental disasters. This entailed opposing authoritarian policies promoted by the Rio de Janeiro state government. These authorities have the approach of forcibly removing families living in risk areas, violating their rights and bringing about other serious social problems. This project includes popular education to strengthen grassroots organizations, and the elaboration of a political document to provide input to legislative proposals. It also supports the network of movements of people affected by disasters in the mountain region.