Training Spaces

In this space you will find materials and tools that aim to build capacity. They were designed and organized during the Training Program developed by CASA in 2007, involving 16 organizations, and in 2011, involving 43 groups.

Since then, CASA has offered several other capacity building programs that are not only places for groups to gain skills, but the best opportunity to meet and understand the great diversity of work and issues throughout the region, learn about each other’s work, make new friends and realize they are not so alone in their own local struggles.

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Administration and Finance

Model RPA (Pmt Autonomous 

Receipt) to NGOs

Banking Model Conciliation NGOs

Model Agenda (Accountability) Projects and Conv.

Model Budget for NGOs

Apresentação Planejamento e Gestão

Apostila Gestão Administrativa de ONGs


Registration Funding Sources

Manual for Fundraising

Communication and Training Multipliers

Apresentação Oficina de Comunicação

Apresentação de Formação de Multiplicadores

Monitoring and Evaluation

Apostila Monitoria e Avaliação

Institutional projects and Diagnosis

Manual de Elaboração de Projetos

Modelo de Orçamento

Questionário de Diagnóstico Institucional


Gestão de Projetos Sociais

Guia de Gestão para Dirigentes de Projetos Sociais