Global Alliance of Socio-Environmental Funds

This alliance is a partnership among likeminded funds and NGOs across the globe that fundraise in order to make donations to grassroots groups.  Though small, these donations create new capacities in the groups that receive them, allowing citizens to build more sustainable communities, both environmentally and economically speaking, while preserving their biodiversity and securing a voice in processes that affect their own future.

Global Alliance of Socio-Environmental Funds

Global Greengrants Fund

Small Change Fund

Samdhana Institute


Fundación Tierra Viva

Current Funders



Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Global Greengrants Fund

Fundo Socioambiental CAIXA

Oak Foundation

Freedom House

Historical Funders

Blue Moon Fund



Fundo Socioambiental CAIXA


Swift Foundation

CASA is a co-founder of the Network of Independent Funds for Social Justice Brazil


Rede de Fundos Independentes para a Justiça Social

Fundo Ellas

Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos

Fundo PositHiVo

ICom – Florianópolis

Instituto RIO



Instituto Baixada

Brazil Foundation

CASA is a co-founder of the Women Environmental Defenders Alliance in South America

Fundo Ellas

Fondo Alquimia

Fondo de Mujeres del Sur

Fondo Lunaria

Fondo de Acción Urgente América Latina


Fondo de Mujeres Bolivia Apthapi

Participation in Networks and Working Groups of International Philanthropy

International Human Rights Funders Group

Edge Funders Alliance

Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace

Environmental Grantmakers Association


Alliances and Institutional Partnerships for South America

Articulação Regional Amazônica

Environmental Defense Law Center

Asociación Interamericana de Defensa Ambiental

Earth Rights International