Our Mission

Our mission is to promote environmental conservation and sustainability, democracy and social justice by supporting and strengthening the capacities and initiatives of civil society in South America.

About Us

CASA Socio-Environmental Fund is a not-for-profit grantmaking institution that mobilizes and channels financial and capacity-building support to social and environmental initiatives of NGOs and community based groups in South America. Our strategy is to make many small and interconnected grants covering all the South American eco-regions. These small grants, allied with an integrated vision of the territory, generate significant impacts in a wide range of issues and regions. Throughout our 10 years, we have supported more than 1000 projects in 11 countries.

Forests and rivers do not respect country borders; most biomes extend across the territories of several countries. This is also how CASA works. We are a Brazilian based Fund that coordinates its grantmaking in South America in a way to guarantee that the impact generated really responds to the complexity of local reality, for we acknowledge that one single solution does not fit all. We work with a wide, and non-replicable, network of partners — a true social capital. We rely on people and institutions that have built, throughout decades of work and accumulated experience in South America, a true body of knowledge, able to detect precisely the vulnerabilities of each region and propose the most appropriate solutions.

Our grants go directly to the benefitted community, eliminating intermediaries. Our goal is to strengthen the capacities of community organizations that work on issues of environmental protection, community development, institutional strengthening, renewable energy, protection of water, environmental defense by women and youth, among others. In order to make resources get into the hands of communities so far away and yet so innovative, we need to fundraise. We work in partnership with national and international philanthropic institutions that understand our strategy and use our structure to distribute funds to groups that they, alone, cannot access directly.

We also raise funds from individuals. Everyone can donate and contribute to the social development and environmental preservation of South America.   If we care about the precious biomes of our region, we cannot just let the most remote and excluded groups of our society bare the burden of this task alone. The population of the great urban centers of our countries can collaborate with the preservation of our rich ecosystems and traditional cultures through CASA Socio-Environmental Fund.

How does it work?

The project is received by CASA Socio-Environmental Fund and analyzed by our network of partners. Once approved by our Board, the grant is given directly to the implementing organization. We monitor everything closely through reports and our immense partner network to guarantee the success of the initiative.

The cost/benefit of our Fund is huge because we work with a small, low budget and decentralized operational structure, so most of the money is used for donations. The trust relationship we have with our partners — experienced local leaders —, avoids travel costs that might be needed to verify the trustworthiness of a grantee, guaranteeing that most of the funds we raise reach the groups we want to support. Our operational costs are, therefore, minimum, and our management and cost/benefit, super efficient.

Our Impact

The capillarity of CASA’s work in South America delivers concrete results in environmental conservation and has positive impact on the lives of several communities. Be it in the rural or urban areas, or through the support for mobilizations and movements, CASA strengthens organizations and helps to create the conditions so that relevant socio-environmental projects are carried forward throughout the diverse biomes and populations of South America.

Over 1300 supported projects since 2005

Acting all over South America

More than $ 5 million invested

Our Numbers

The CASA stands for transparency in its financial management, thus it hires independent auditors every year among renowned companies. You can see our Balance Sheets clicking on the corresponding year below. For any questions, get in touch with us.

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